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Target good service .. Innovative Viewpoint ..With our experienced and dynamic team, our brand new Production Park, we offer the best products to our customers. How did we ... Batumak, who has bought Görürsan from the leading companies of Levent production, is a member of this company's experienced staff with the new machinery course, the leading companies of Levent production, the owner and founder of Görürsan. Following the closing of Kenan Görür's death, Mak. Eng. Emre Batu planned a contemporary production by combining this company's experienced staff with the new machinery course under Batumak. Istanbul based Batumak company produces levent and various transportation vehicles.

Our Mission

Our goal is to fulfill this mission: to achieve product quality and standardization that can compete with the world in the frame of profitability, efficiency and efficiency principles, to achieve effective and efficient resource management To be a firm that can measure success with customer satisfaction and produce fast, efficient and quality solutions for customer needs.

Our Vision

To be a firm that is at the forefront of the choices in the sector by taking power from the quality of the services we offer to our country. To define service quality and capacity as a goal every day. To live and live by creating an integrated identity integrated with entrepreneurs, managers, employees, customers and social stakeholders.

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Antalya Hose Washed, 150 Million TL Damage Caused

Studies have been initiated to determine the damage caused by the storm and the hose that destroyed the western part of Antalya. It is stated that the damage to the horticulture fields is close to 150 million liras. Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Ahmet Eşref Fakıbaba explained that the damages within the insurance will be compensated as soon as possible but only 10 percent of the agricultural land in the region is insured.

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Armed Security Officers in Civil Aviation Vehicles

In accordance with the bag law adopted by the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, the provision of special training and armed security officers in the air was made possible. Olcay Aydilek from the newspaper Habertürk reached the details of preparations for implementation. Here are the passwords of the armed security officer

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Public Transport in Ankara Now 24 Hour Service Verecek

Mustafa Tuna, the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, who started a new perspective, is the first actor. Tuna announced that the regulation for 24 hours of public transport will start from the evening of Friday. TIME 2 HOURS AFTER HOURS In this context, the most frequent passengers will be on regular trips until 35:00 on 02:00. From 02.00 to 06.00, there will be an hourly voyage. Metro services were extended until 01.00. "Our goal is to create a vibrant, dynamic city," said Tuna, according to Milliyet.

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